Young Boy Caught And Punished For Beating His Mom After Smoking Weed Inside Dirty Water (Video)

A video shows how a teenage boy has been punished for beating his mother. Local reports show that on Sunday the incident occurred. For beating his mom at Imo Housing Estate, Owerri, Imo State, the boy was handed over to security operatives.

The boy was previously spotted smoking weed and drinking with his friends to return home hungry, according to reports.

He then proceeded to ask his mom for food and when she was unable to supply any, he brought out the garri bowl they had at home and emptied its contents on the floor and poured water on it.

When the mom reacted angrily, however, he struck her down and began to beat her up. An alarm raised by the lady eventually caught neighbors ‘ attention, moving in and capturing the boy.

Watch the video below:

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