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Yearn not my huge ass for my brain – Lady whose big ass caused shock at the airport tells admirers

Jaye Love, the U.S .- based Ghanaian lady whose big ass caused surprise at Kotoka International Airport Ghana’s three-passenger terminal lounge, told her admirers to crave her intelligence, not just her physical beauty.


Recounting how she got messages from different ladies who wished they had her body after her photos went viral on social media, Jaye stated that men’s interest in the physical appearance of a lady is declining as they are now more interested in how smart a lady is.


Jaye who is said to be an Instagram model, socialite, Club Host, and a DJ stated that a lady needs the intellectual tools to create a life she deserves.


She said in the interview with Kofi TV;


“Ladies who wish to be like me need to have my brain first. You need to have a brain because a body is nothing without one.

“Go to school or find something that you love, and the rest will follow. I receive so many messages. I receive messages from men who say they want their wives to look like me or some girls saying they want to look like me. I try to discourage that because you have to accept yourself the way you are. You have to fix yourself on the inside and everything else will follow.”