VIEWER DISCRETION!!! 2 Girls Killed And Dumped After Being Used By Their Ritualist Yahoo Boys Lovers (Watch Video)


Oh My God!!! Earlier Todays we received a gory footage of 2 young girls laying lifeless on the ground after being used by  suspected ritualists.

The eye witness made it known to us, that the bodies were dumped by some young looking guys in a Red color Venza Toyota Salon car.

He further said, the Killers has some dreadlocks hairstyle on their heads and they are probably a Yahoo Boys that need to renew their money.

May God Keep Us All Safe Oo! Guys Issue a stern warning to your SisterAuntyFemale friends to stay on the lookout and be careful of who they hangout with Oo! Guys dey Para, I must say!

December is fast approaching Guys want to ball and Drive Latest Benz again!

Watch the Gory video below:-


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