Back in the 1970s, Jazz and Rock music ruled the music industry in the United States. There was a genre of music that really took shape in the streets of Brooklyn, New York. People were very taken by Hip-Hop music as it was all about talking about real life and their real street problems, so the genre made its way into the gangster culture of the United States. More and more gangsters have turned to rape to highlight their local and personal issues.


Hip-Hop made it easier for gangsters and gangsters to share their inner thoughts, aspirations and paved the way for them to show their views on different things. Brooklyn, Manhattan, New York has become the epicenter of all hip-hop events. It then spread to other parts of the United States, making the whole hip-hop scene a battleground for the two main gangs in the United States of America, the blood and the crips. The unchecked distribution of Hip-Hop music resulted in the creation of two major sub-genres, West Coast Hip-Hop and East Coast Hip-Hop.

By the end of the 1980s, the genre became the second most listened to music genre in the United States after Jazz. Hip-Hop then spread to other parts of the world as more and more people began to convey their thoughts and raise their issues as hip-hop made it easier to confess and also interesting. Tupac Shakur grew up in California and is considered to be one of all times. On the other hand, there was Biggie, a huge hunk-sized East Coast rapper, who was great at freestyle, and his shows had enormous energy, the passion reflected from his face.

The two of these rappers were first good friends, but later, Tupac Shakur was shot five times outside the recording studio where Biggie called him to record a song together, although there was no involvement of Biggie in the shooting, but Tupac blamed Biggie for it, and both of them became staunch rivals to each other and their gangs.

Tupac became the King of the West Coast, while the entire East Coast fell under the legendary Giant. They both started to critique each other in their songs, making the beef even more serious. This intensity has made hip-hop fans even more enthusiastic about hip-hop.

Both of these rappers were shot and killed by unidentified assassins or gangsters. Tupac was killed in Vegas while Biggie was killed in New York City. These two are considered to be the greatest rappers of all time. The beginning of the 2000s saw the rise of different sub-genres of hip-hop music with new school rap taking a firm grip over the hip-hop scene. Multiple sub-genres like cloud rap, emo rap, and drill music took birth and contributed to the evolution of hip hop music. by 2018, Hip-Hop became the most listened to genre in the United States taking over rock music and pop music. Hip-Hop held more than 30% of the total music streaming in the United States. Hip-Hop also gained ground in India after the release of the movie, Gully Boy, rappers such as Divine, Emiway, and Naezy are taking over the music industry in India.