Nipsey Hussle’s ceremony To Take Place At The Staples Centre On Thursday

Recently assassinated American rapper; Nipsey Holder’s funeral has been stated to take place on Thursday at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles.


The reason for his public service memorial’s choice of venue is unsurprising as there would be a lot of people expected to attend. Even his family said the reason for choosing the funeral’s 21,000 capacity venue is because a mammoth crowd would surely be present.

Last week in front of his Los Angeles store, Nipsey Hussle was killed after being shot by a suspect known to be Eric Holder. His death was a shock to so many worldwide music fans as they felt the wrong person had died. According to the report, Nipsey was an anti-gang advocate and an advocate of peace and health in the hood.

His suspected murderer; however, Eric Hood will be detained by the LAPD and facing a 3-count charge in court at the moment. He’ll face nothing less than life imprisonment if found guilty. He’s in solitary confinement where he can’t mix with anyone because they feel he’s a target.

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