The Diplomats Feat. The Lox – Dipset / Lox

An American hip hop & Rap artist, The Diplomats, released a brand new song titled “Dipset / Lox“, featuring The Lox.


“Dipset / Lox” is exactly what it seems: a meeting of the bosses akin to the Gambino touching down with Lucchese crime family behind closed doors. Every member of both sets gets a turn with the mic, except for Freaky Zeaky, who is nonetheless shouted out in Cam’ron’s opening verse. Jadakisswarns his fellow curb dwellers to watch what they say on “Instagram Live,” whereas Juelz Santana does everything in his power to avoid the subject of his brushes with the law in ’18.

Quotable Lyrics:

Look, we the Dips, Freekey, Juelz, where Capo at?
Y’all just dip salsa, where the nachos at?
In the jungle, same place they killed Pablo at.
We handle beef with shells, that’s a taco fact
Pulled a gun on Zeek, he say, “What y’all gon’ do with that?”
They shot him, he smiled, they said, “Who is that?”
Understandin’ n****s ain’t understand my vision.

Stream below;