The mother of Nipsey Hussle shares a message of hope after the death of her son

LOS ANGELES, CA – Nipsey Hussle’s mother, Angelique Smith, spoke about the death of her son in a new online video.


Smith told the students in footage shot for her class by a teacher not to be down over Nipsey’s loss — whose real name was Ermias Asghedom — because he’s still with them.

“Right now Ermias is with me here,” she said. “I’m feeling it. His spirit with me is right here. And I want you to know that you should not be afraid of death. I want you to know that we are first of all spiritual beings and that we have a physical experience that only lasts for a moment.

“You just become a baby in your spirit when you die, as they call it. You’re just starting to live your life that never dies. Ermias is never going to die. You’ve got him in your heart. He lives every time you think about Ermias. His spirit is now everywhere.”

Nipsey’s mother also described the face of her son, noting that despite being shot he was not disfigured. She reiterated her point later in the clip about not being afraid of death.

“I’m not trying to get you traumatized,” said Smith. “In death, Ermias was more beautiful than in life. When I saw him, Ermias had no marks on him. His hair was perfect; no hair strand was out of place. All the love and all the compassion and all the care and truthfulness and generosity and honesty… all the good things that were inside the heart of Ermias, it’s as if they were lifting from his heart and transferring them to his face.

She added, “To prepare yourself for death. And when you’re walking this earth and doing good deeds for people and you’re loving and kind, these are the things you’re going to show on your face. You’re going to look beautiful. He looked healthy, Ermias looked clean. He had a brightness. He was radiant and so perfect that he had an aroma of sweetness. He smelled good even. Don’t be afraid of death, please. Death is just the start of a marvelous world. And I’m telling myself that Ermias liked things that were exciting. And my son now knows the secret of life’s mystery.

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