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Nigerian Most Handsome Music Artistes
Nigerian Most Handsome Music Artistes

Nigerian Music firm had created a lot of extraordinary beasts who dash out good satisfying sounds every single year, which has been a pride to Africa. Other countries tend to visit this great firm just to get in touch with these Great artistes.


They have also created Charming dudes who melt girls’ hearts on the stage with their handsomeness. Many girls crush and dream to be with them just because of the rate of their handsomeness. Judging from shows performances and the number of social media followers you would know they are actually charming many girls. These dudes are all Nigerians and are worth discussing. Meet the Nigerian most handsome music artistes below


He is popularly known extraordinarily as a king who possesses every good quality, his vocal is worth thrilling, his structure is sweet, and his face is extremely handsome Making him every single lady dream despite his complicated relationship status so far.

The Nigerian songwriter and singer who began his music career at his tender age were extremely handsome but no one noticed such because of poor finance. His skin never glows then until he achieved firm through his ever satisfying hit “Holla at your boy”. this boosted his handsomeness like a flash and every lady saw the hidden gold. They scream each time he passes, some collapse due to excitement each time he sings. This has so far proved the rate of his handsomeness.

The award-winning king poorly known as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun is rated as one of the top handsome Nigerian Music artistes with a lot female crushes around the whole globe. It’s a joy to him and his crew. He is also known for his ever satisfying outfit which even infuses his handsomeness. It’s stated that men with six-packs are always girls’ favorite but Wizkid proved that wrong.

Koredo Bello

When the CEO of Mavin Records introduced the extremely handsome boy to the nation, every single lady was thrilled for he kept boosting via his songs despite his handsome nature. After featuring in many Music videos including the popular ‘Romantic’ with the boss queen Tiwa Savage she was recognized as one of the Nigerian topmost handsome Music artistes who possess a lot of female fan base. Many mused to kiss him, many mused to hug him and many aspired to have a selfie with him which even promoted his hierarchy and he became so precious.

The young king of the ever satisfying hit ‘Godwin’ became the face of every girl crush after he impressed many with his handsomeness, meanwhile, he was once unnoticed, every single lady thank the efforts of Don jazzy who introduced him to them as they even further use him as their wallpapers. He is regarded as one of the most handsome dude in Nigerian Music firm.

You can judge for yourself and Google his name via the Google search box

Kiss Daniel

The favorite G worldwide boy who boosted the firm entirely for years is another beast in the Afro-pop nation engulfed with handsomeness who is also the girl’s favorite. He was once rated as the most handsome afro-pop artiste in Nigeria several years past before he matured. Despite his new age, he is still the girl’s favorite whom they muse to hug, kiss, and have a little selfie with.

Kiss Daniel rose to fame very early that even infused girls’ love on him amid his handsomeness. He was globally known as a beast judging from his ever thrilling songs where he professes to love and his feelings always which had also contributed to his handsomeness. He is presently regarded as one of the most Nigerian Music artistes with a Satisfying and attractive face.

He is currently The CEO of Flyboy records where he has released tremendous of songs to his name



The great Ijele of Igbo land who rose to the firm with his single ‘Ada’ is no doubt one of the most handsome Music artiste ever seen in Nigeria who is embossed on almost every girl’s heart as their crush. His special body figure type has been a dream to thousands of boys who also aspire handsomeness. His glowing skin has been creating havoc among girls who want him. He always remains the girl’s favorite.

It has been an iconic memory of his visit to Togo. African girls were seen collapsing, he was also astonished. This has so far proved his Charming face. He has so far possessed some good qualities counting from his angelic voice, dressing pattern, great stage performances, and sexy figure type. This has so far staked him as high as possible at the handsome gang’s groups.



It’s no surprise he is spotted at this point. You could judge for yourself how throng of girls scream and profess his handsomeness via his shows and social media platforms. The great son of the Nigerian multi-billionaire Adeleke who rose to fame with his single dami duro from his debut album Omo baba olowo is no doubt one of the Nigerian most handsome Music artiste judging from his neat outfits, clean teeth, luxuries, and glowing dark chocolate skin.

He is popularly known as the luxury boss who finds pleasure in buying a lot of expensive luxuries which are even infusing his handsome rate. David Adeji Adeleke has been a crush icon to many girls since time to the extent that they accuse him of rape, muse to get close to him, be his baby mama, profess their love through social media and Manny more. This had been a delight and entertaining. He is no doubt an afro-pop beast engulfed with handsomeness.