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Meet Nigerian Most Awarded Music Artistes
Meet Nigerian Most Awarded Music Artistes

Could you feel the ever incessant nostalgia of love from the faces of The Nigerian Music lovers and some of the citizens of African countries too? It’s no doubt sourced by the image top Nigerian Music artistes have created so far by earning tremendous awards amid their ever satisfying hit songs. This has also soured the Nigerian Music firm too to the highest level of the hierarchy.


These stars have been the Pinnacle of African Music success and had been the face of Nigerian Music firm. They had won copious awards that even attracted others’ attention to Nigerian Music firms as they muse to see these stars and have some good time with them. It’s a high time we look on these stars individually. Meet Nigerian most awarded music artistes below.


The great icon of Nigerian Music firm who is also known as one of the father of Nigerian Music firm having boosted the industry for me many years is one the most awarded Nigerian Music artiste who has bagged many awards to his name, ranging from top major music awards and minors. He is a king.

Innocent Idibia who is popularly known as 2face or 2baba is a Nigerian singer, songwriter, philanthropist, Humanitarian, and activist who was born on this special day, 18 September 1975 to a family in plateaue, Jos Nigeria. He was awarded Music passion by nature from the start when he was undergoing his higher education qualification and performed in many minor music concepts. There was much energy and qualities when he further joined the plantation boys which blackface was the boss. It was just a little moment with them before he departed from the group amid personal clashes and went solo with many qualities.

There was no doubt of his qualities when he released his debut album titled ‘Face to face’ in 2004 which offered him prominence, his hierarchy, and identity infused. He further released more songs to his name which won him copious awards ranging from (MTV Europe Best African Act Award in 2005) to (Best International Collaboration – Rainbow Ft. T-Pain – Ben TV Award 2014).

He is so far regarded as the greatest award-winning Nigerian Music artiste. He is an icon.


The great son of Bayelsa who had been making his people extremely proud is also one of the most awarded Nigerian Music artiste having bagged copious of awards to his name. He have so far proved his qualities and worth.

Despite being the fifteenth son of his father, Inetimi Timaya Odon The Nigerian songwriter and singer never slumped on chasing what he loves most to the extent that he broke the house rules and sneaked out from the house many times just to perform in many minor music concepts.

Hard work pays, of course, that’s actually what happened to the boss king Timaya who is also regarded as the father of Nigerian Music firm having boosted the firm for many years. Timaya’s first music album was released in 2008 which was given the name ‘Gift and grace’. He gained fame with no doubt of the album’s qualities and became known by his qualities. His music streamed successfully which even thrust him to release his second album and many more. He won tremendous awards namely; (Grammy award on January 28, 2018) which has so far staked him as the boss, truly he is.


Our favorite say my name boss king is also recognized as one of the most awarded artiste in Nigeria with much big and minor Music awards won to his name. He has so far proved his qualities to the whole world too.

From gaining over one million tweeter followers after his second album titled by his name ‘Ayo’ his hierarchy ranked higher than the past. He became recognized after tremendous hit songs released to his name just after his debut album ‘Superstar’ which it single Holla at your boy’ toped charts. The same songs also won him many awards like(MTV Europe Music Award for Best African Act 2016).

You can also enjoy the great qualities of this great boss from his music below

  • Wizkid – holla at your boy
  • Wizkid – jaiye jaiye
  • Wizkid – wiz party
  • Wizkid – Joy
  • Wizkid – pakuromo
  • Wizkid – joro
  • Wizkid – this kind love


David Adeji Adeleke has been a well known top star of Nigerian Music firm with copious awards awarded to his name so far. His phenomena on songs has been the source of his awards so far.

The great son of the Most known billionaire of Nigeria Adeleke is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who started his music career very early after dropping out from his highly sponsored education. He released Dami Duro from his debut album ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ which gained him fame. After many songs, he won the next rated artiste at the headies awards and further won (Best African Act at the 2017 MOBO Awards) Making him a great king of awards.