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Cardi B Obsess Wardrobe Break Down Wearing Torn Gown

Cardi B Handled Yet Another Wardrobe Malfunction Like a Total Pro

The American rapper and singer Cardi B agonize wardrobe breaks down at an event that her rainbow-colored jumpsuit couldn’t withstand the strained pressure of a full concert big booty shaking at Bonnaroo throughout the weekend.


The beautiful bodysuit that got ripped managed to expose beyond the mother of one had probably intended to have.

The fans/audience on seeing more than they bargained overwhelmed in the extreme joy that totally turned into an iconic moment to be remembered.

The show happens to be her first performance after canceling a number of shows due to complications from her plastic surgery.

She took to her social media handle to share photos of her swollen feet to prove that she is having complications as she vowed never to undergo plastic surgery again.

It appears she put all that behind her when she took the stage at Bonaroo on Sunday.

But all of that was behind her on Sunday when she took the stage at Bonaroo.