Kcee – Eastern Conference

Former five – star music general singer Kcee, now the leader of his new imprint label called Limpopo Band, has released his third studio album dubbed Eastern Conference, a 10-track album he made for culture judging by the Cover Art album, which boldly displays the cultural and musical heritage.



Kcee – Intro (feat. Ajebo & Acapella)

2. Kcee – Onye Chimere Eze

3. Kcee – Doh Doh Doh

4. Kcee – Yahwey Yahweh

5. Kcee – Idi Ok

6. Kcee – Eyimba

7. Kcee – Nwanne Na Nwanne

8. Kcee – Oh My Baby

9. Kcee – Ndi’Oma

10. Kcee – Echi Di Ime