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5 Things That Makes Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi A Rivals
5 Things That Makes Cristiano Ronaldo And Lionel Messi A Rivals

Since past years these two great footballers has been competing amid creating new records and doing some extraordinary magic which many football players finds impossible to do. This had staked them as one of the greatest footballers of all time, having scored many goals, won many titles and awards altogether.


There has been rivals between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi which has been trending among fans and had made it seem as a debate to them; trying to figure out who is actually the best. It’s so bemused for they are almost equaled in every rival. It’s a high time we discuss their rivals below.


These rivals are successfully and popularly known as great goal-scoring machine having scored a lot of goals both at their international and club appearances. There has been legends in football history, who set an astonishing goalscoring record which convinced almost all the football fanbase that no one can break the record. But these guys made it glaring and are almost approaching the highest record ever set by the legendary football king Pele. There’s no doubt they are the king having set a hug satisfying record of goal scoring stake.

Messi has surprised the world with the goalscoring record of 699 goals which he completed with his goal on his last match with a relegating team on laliga satandar in Spain. While Ronaldo has set a goalscoring record of 7011 goals so far. These had made both a rival so far.

Ballon d,or winners

For strangers who doesn’t know the meaning of ‘ballon d, or’. It’s the highest world’s football award which are always issued to the best football player of the world every year. Many football players has won this great award less, but Ronaldo and Messi has won more of them. This has been one of the thing that makes them a rival having won many of them together with the total number of almost the same thing each.

Ronaldo set a great Record which astonished the whole world after he became the second person ever to win ballon d,or in English premier league during his time at man United football club. Since signing for Real Madrid, he went on and won more of them Making it five as his Total ballon d,or so far.

Messi since after signing for Barcelona senior team has won six ballon D,or as his Total. These has so far made them a rival as they keep dominating the nominee list every year.

Golden boot

It’s an award staked for a player from the major football leagues whose goal count is the highest in the whole Europe. No any other football players in modern century has won this award more than Ronaldo and Messi. This had also made them a rival with both almost having the same number of Golden boot.

Ronaldo has won four Golden boot so far making him one of the greatest Football player of all time ranging from goal-scoring momentum on almost every match. While;

Messi has won 6 golden boot so far with his ever creative goalscoring power. They are both the king who compete almost every single day.

UEFA men player of the year awards

This is a tough award sponsored by The UEFA officials which is issued to the best player in UEFA major leagues every single year. Despite the tough nature of this particular award Ronaldo and Messi has won many of them respectively of almost the same numbers.

Ronaldo after a shocking performance in the UEFA champions league; won his first men’s player of the year award in the year 2014. He further won two more of them Making him the Top among all. He created a record of being the only player to have won it three times.

Meanwhile, Messi has won it two times, which has proved his qualities so far. He was recognized as a phenomenon after scoring 90 goals in a year calendar. This has made both a rival so far.

Scoring wonder goals

They are popularly known for scoring wonder goals and are dangerous with their foots and head at the eighteen-yard box. Ranging from the top goals ever scored since the decade, Ronaldo and Messi will always appear as top wonders.

This had made them a rival as they keep doing wonders in every single match counting from the two flying headers they had scored so far. You can watch the video of their wonder goals below.