What is the Process of Canada Immigration?

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When an immigrant arrives in this country, there are many options available for him and his family to make the transition into a new life here in Canada. There are many different immigration programs that an individual can choose from, including immigration through the Canadian Border Services or the Canada Immigration Settlement Program, or even a Canadian passport and citizenship.


All three of these options have one thing in common. The process of obtaining Canadian immigration must be done through an immigration program that is authorized by the government of Canada. There are many reasons that immigrants need to go through this process, including establishing permanent residence in the country. The types of immigration programs that are available to people from all different countries around the world are detailed below.

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The Canada Immigration Program allows for immigrants to become naturalized citizens of the country after they have fulfilled the requirements needed for the program. To qualify, you must meet the following criteria: be a resident of Canada for at least two years; have attained a high school diploma; have passed the citizenship exam; have a year of steady work in the immigration program of your choice. Once you meet the requirements for the immigration program, you will be sent an application and a reference letter from the agency that screens your application. In the reference letter, you must mention any previous experience you may have with Canadian immigration. You must also write a personal statement that details your education and work history.

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The Canadian Border Services Program allows immigrants to enter the country, but they must first clear an inspection. If they pass the inspection, they can then apply for immigration. In order to qualify, they must also meet the other requirements of the Canadian immigration program. To apply for the program, you must live in Canada for at least three months; hold a valid passport, and have your application endorsed by a provincial immigration office. Once you have met these requirements, you can begin the application for immigration. It is important to first obtain a Canadian visa before immigrating to Canada.

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Finally, when you are considering an immigration program, you should seek the advice of an experienced immigration lawyer. An immigration lawyer is well placed to inform you on what type of immigration program would be in your best interest. An immigration lawyer can explain the application process, the requirements needed for the application, and can provide information on how to stay out of any Canadian red tape that may affect your application for immigration.


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