How to Hire an Immigration Attorney

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What Should You Do If you are looking to hire an Immigration Attorney or Immigration Lawyer to handle your Immigration Case? An Immigration Attorney has a duty to protect their client’s rights under the law. But how do you know if an Immigration Attorney or Immigration Lawyer is right for you?


There are many types of Immigration attorneys or lawyers to choose from. One type is an Immigration Attorney that works primarily in and with the Immigration Department. These are the “front-line” lawyers that you might approach when you need legal advice or if you are looking for a notary public. Other attorneys who work exclusively with Immigration are termed “center-licensed” attorneys or “fringe-licensed”. These are the attorneys who may offer some legal advice to clients, but who do not practice exclusively in Immigration matters.

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An Immigration attorney can be a lifesaver if you get yourself into a bind at the airport or want to apply for a legal residency card. Immigration attorneys are considered the “gatekeepers” or the “top lawyers” in an Immigration situation. Because these lawyers have so much responsibility for the outcome of an immigration situation, they are also expected to be very thorough in their job as consultants. So you should expect to pay a bit more for an immigration lawyer than you would for any other type of lawyer.

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In most cases when you are dealing with immigration problems an attorney is required to be licensed to practice. Green card lawyers (those who work with citizenship applications) must also be Canadian citizens. This is because the naturalization process requires them to follow all of the same procedures that apply to those applying for Canadian citizenship.


The Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association is the largest and most trusted law firm for immigration-related issues. A variety of lawyers work here at the CILA including Immigration Law, Immigration Litigation, Immigration Trials, and Immigration Case Reviews. There are many reasons to work with a lawyer at the CILA including finding the right lawyer, general information, and case selection.

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Hiring an Immigration attorney can mean the difference between saving your life and spending thousands of dollars on a lawyer you don’t need. Beware of any firm that claims to provide “family lawyers” or “legal consultants”. Only deal with accredited immigration law firms such as the CILA. Be sure to check that your lawyer is a member of the Canadian Immigration Lawyers Association and is a member of the state’s Immigration Bar Association. You want a lawyer who is knowledgeable, experienced, dedicated to your well-being and your future, and a proud citizen of Canada.


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