Apple Picker in Canada

If you have been thinking about becoming an apple picker in Canada, then you are definitely on the right track. Being an apple picker is a wonderful job, one that gives you the opportunity to work for yourself and to be able to earn an income at the same time. But before you can actually get started on a career as an apple picker in Canada, you must first become certified, and then you will have to have an apple picking certification examination. This exam can only be taken by individuals who are already working as apple pickers and who are currently working for some of the larger apple growers in the province of Ontario.


Apples are grown in many different locations all over the country, and it would not do for one to know what it takes to grow them in Canada if they were not going to be an apple grower. Apples require different types of soil, the right amount of nutrients, and they need to be protected from insects like flies and bugs. The right type of training for apple picking will give the apple picker the necessary tools to protect the apples from pests and to get the job done properly.


The apple picking exam that is required by the Department of Agriculture requires the person taking it to understand how to properly plant, harvest, and package the apples that they are going to be picking. Each individual plant has to be planted correctly and the apples that they are picking need to be properly packaged in boxes that are appropriate for the plant. The apple picker needs to be able to identify the plants, their sizes, and also understand how to select the best fruit from them.


Another important part of this exam is understanding how to handle the apples in the fall and winter, how to take the apples back out into the field, and what the best times of the year to get the apples ready to go into a packing process. A person taking the apple picking exam must be able to do all of these things and do them well before they can become certified.


Apples need to be picked at the proper time of the season to maximize their ripeness, and when you are certified as an apple picker, then you can also work for an apple grower. You could, for example, work for a farmer and wait till the last two weeks of summer to go into the orchards and get the apples ready to go into a packing process. Or, you could work for a local grocery store chain and do the same thing and then bring the apples back to the store to be packed into trays and displayed for sale.


Apples are an important crop in the apple-growing region, and the apple picking certification that is required will be an asset to any future employer that you choose to work for when it comes to getting a job as an apple picker. There are several different companies that will hire you for such jobs, and it is important that you take the time to do your research and find out which ones are hiring and which ones are not and find out if you can get certified with one of them before you start looking.

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